Tulavi Therapeutics is focused on designing intuitive nerve repair solutions that deliver consistent results.

Better nerve care is possible

Tulavi Therapeutics is a medical technology company dedicated to achieving the best results for nerve repair.

We are developing new technology to better address unmet needs in nerve repair. We have a deep appreciation of the complexities of neurophysiology and we’re focused on engineering simple, elegant solutions to help physicians provide predictable and reproducible results on a consistent basis. 

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Why we believe better nerve care is possible - a message from our CSO

“We are focused on designing intuitive nerve repair solutions that deliver consistent results and help physicians improve the standard of patient care.”

Corinne Bright, PhD

Developing predictable solutions to the most dynamic challenges

Every day, surgeons performing nerve repair are driven to provide the best outcomes for their patients. However, given the diverse presentation and locations of these injuries,  outcomes remain relatively unpredictable.  This is further compounded by the lack of consensus regarding treatment algorithms.

At Tulavi, our focus is to help make nerve repair less complicated with more predictable consistent results.

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Engineering elegant and intuitive solutions

Nerve care requires an ability to both address the immediate injury as well as reestablish the patients’ physiological balance.

Nerve repair technology has experienced little advancement beyond sheets and tubes. The process of uncovering opportunities for improving nerve repair requires a willingness to scrub into cases, observe challenges and unmet needs, and refine and validate the unmet needs with the surgeons.

At Tulavi Therapeutics, we believe that our process and our pursuit of elegant engineering makes a difference. We are developing a platform of solutions to address the unmet needs in nerve repair.

"Using the Tulavi product was very intuitive. The preparation steps were simple and the product set quickly, which is really appealing for the OR. Proactively addressing nerve issues is very important in the hand surgery world. We are constantly trying to deliver a higher level of nerve care."

Marc E. Walker, MD, MBA, FACS